User Guide

The purpose of this guide is to show service users how to create their own research, collect respondent answers and process the results. Users do not need to install anything additionally - the service is available from any browser.

In the application, there are two user roles "Explorer" and "Respondent". The evaluator is the one who creates the survey, conducts the work, collects data. The respondent is the respondent, the respondent, the one who enters their personal data and associations.

The application interface is translated into three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

To start working with the Stimulus service you need to register. When registering via email, you need to confirm it. It is also possible to quickly register and log in using accounts in social networks.

Section "Research" is the main work. Here you can perform the following actions:

In the "Incentives" section, you can enter semes of lexical and associative meaning, add and edit associative links for individual incentives.

All self-completed questionnaires are visible in the "Questionnaires" section. Here, the researcher can also manually add new profiles, the data for which were collected offline. Processing the results of the respondents is assigned to the researcher and is available here. Incorrectly completed questionnaires and associations can be deleted.

Construction of pivot tables and graphs with the results of the study is done automatically. Data analysis is available in the advanced study menu; it includes three subsections: "Analytics", "Qualitative Analysis" and "Quantitative Analysis".